7/10: The Holiday You Didn't Know About

In a blog post that we published two months ago, we discussed the origins of 4/20. Today, we’d like to talk about a cannabis holiday that many of you probably don’t know about. 7/10.

As you have probably surmised, 7/10 is a play off of 4/20 and, just as 4/20 is celebrated on April 20th, 7/10 is celebrated on July 10th. What makes this cannabis holiday unique is that it does not celebrate cannabis at large, but rather the more specific category of marijuana concentrates and oils.

7/10 was chosen as the holiday to celebrate marijuana concentrates both because it pays homage to the 420 holiday, but also because when flipped 7/10 upside-down it forms the word “OIL,”.


What is a marijuana concentrate? Simply put, a concentrate is any substance derived by separating various cannabinoids from the more fibrous and organic materials found in the marijuana plant such as stalks and stems.


With nearly a dozen different types of marijuana concentrates available on the market, it can be pretty easy to get confused. How does a shatter differ from a bubble hash? Is my CO2 oil more pure than my butane hash? Does live resin taste better than budder? Why do they spell budder with a “d”?

There are so many types of concentrates and different ways to obtain them that people have written
entire books on the topic.

In fact, we will be sharing our own short guide on the basics of the different extracts in the coming weeks. In the meantime, if you are new to the world of concentrates and are planning to partake this 7/10, ask your local budtender for advice on which concentrate is best suited to your particular needs.

So, now that you’ve got all the good stuff concentrated into an oil/wax/budder/hash, how the heck do you even use it? Answer: Dabbing.

Dabbing is the colloquial term given to the process of vaporizing these concentrates so that they may be inhaled. Unlike marijuana flower which combusts with no more than a simple match or lighter, marijuana concentrates burn (vaporize) at much higher temperatures and require special devices in order to reach those temperatures. Enter, the dab rig:



A dab rig is a device very similar to a bong/water pipe, but with one key difference. Instead of a cavity that holds your marijuana flower, a dab rig sports a metal dish or “nail” which is heated with a torch or electric coil to anywhere from 275 - 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once hot, the marijuana concentrated is lightly “dabbed” onto the hot surface where it is instantly converted into vapor which can then be inhaled through the water pipe.

While this method may be more complex than the standard joint, it has gained immense popularity over the last several years. Because these concentrates contain less organic material than marijuana flower, they produce a relatively clean vapor, free of many carcinogens and other undesirable compounds found in smoke. Many also claim to enjoy the taste of concentrates over that of raw flower.

Now, if you still want to try concentrates but don’t want to tackle using a dabbing rig, there is another great alternative: the vape pen. Vapor pens utilize pre-filled cartridges of cannabis concentrate attached to small battery packs which vaporize concentrate in a clean and simple fashion. They are discreet, reusable, and relatively cheap, making them one of the most popular cannabis products of all time.


A word of warning! If you’re thinking of trying marijuana concentrates for the first time, we highly recommend doing your own research and consulting with your local budtender first. Standard marijuana flower will generally contain anywhere from 10% - 25% THC by weight. Clocking in around 60% - 90% THC, concentrates are much more potent and, if you’re not mindful, can result in a much more intense high than you may have planned for.

Whether or not you partake in marijuana concentrates, it is always exciting to see marijuana culture flourish and evolve at such a rapid pace. It’s hard to believe that in 24 years we’ve gone from zero states have medical marijuana programs to celebrating offshoot cannabis holidays.

Happy 7/10, everyone!

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