5 Companies Using Cannabis in Unique Ways

June 10, 2017


As cannabis is becoming more readily available and with so much profit to be made entrepreneurs and startups are coming up with creative new ways to re-shape the way people consume, think and experience marijuana. Sierra High is an example of this and we’re excited to share what we’ve been working on. In the meantime, here are five other companies utilizing cannabis in unique ways.

Puff, Pass & Paint

Puff, Pass & Paint boasts itself as a “Canvas & Cocktails… with a cannabis twist” and “the first ever cannabis-friendly all-inclusive art class” where students are encouraged to smoke marijuana, eat edibles, or consume beer/wine of their choice. They currently operate out of 7 different cities and offer a large variety of classes.They’re currently offering a pottery painting class in Portland, OR where students can paint their own ceramic cannabis accessories; a chillum, spoon, ashtray or a combination of the three. In Washington, D.C. there’s a Pastry cooking class in which students will “Learn how to make everything from infused fruit beverages, Challah bread to cupcakes, "shrimp" and grits, canna-croissants, Pop Tarts and more.” There’s even an infused skin-care class in both Denver and Las Vegas where students can learn how to make cannabis infused skin products.


If you haven't seen the Vlog episode where Drew attends one of these classes, you can find it here.


2) GoPuff


Is an app that delivers all of your snacking needs right to your doorstep. They boast a short delivery time as well as late night delivery. This is an app for people who have a penchant to get late night munchies. On top of satisfying all your snacking needs, GoPuff’s inventory also includes everything you might find in a smokeshop.


3) Oraximax


If you think that Oraximax sounds like a brand of toothpaste, you’d be right. This is a company out of New York that has release cannabis infused toothpaste. Why would anyone ever want that? The toothpaste includes a cannabinoid called CBG, which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.


4) Whoopi & Maya


Whoopi Goldberg recently teamed up with a talented infuser, Maya Synergy, to produce a line of cannabis infused products that specifically targets women suffering from menstrual cramps. They range from raw cacao, body balm, tinchers, and even infused bath salts. These products are offered with both THC and CBD.  


5) Cannawine


Cannawine is one of the first few vendors to try and capitalize on the union of wine and cannabis. They were founded in 2010 and, at time, it was considered to be somewhat of a pipe dream.


“Created by professionals and also friends, we changed the direction combining new sensations, creativity, innovation and real flavours. It is a daring and pioneering product that combines the best of wine-making industry with the exuberance of CBD.”


This small sampling of companies shows the incredible breadth of this budding industry. Despite stringent federal regulations, this is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States and we’re proud to be a part of it.







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