Sativa, Indica or Hybrid?

April 13, 2017


One of the choices you’ll have to make when you visit a marijuana dispensary is what type of strain of marijuana would you prefer: Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid blend of the two? That’s a difficult question to answer if you don’t know the difference between those three.


The backstory here is that Cannabis Sativa was first identified in 1753 by a biologist, Carl Linnaeus. Shortly afterward, in 1785, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck discovered what appeared to be a second species and it was named Cannabis Indica. While there's still debate about whether or not these are two separate species, the nomenclature is still used because the two plants provide very different experiences. 



Sativa plants grow best in warmer climates and can reach up to 18 feet tall. Smoking Sativa will be an energizing and creative experience. The word often used to define the Sativa effect is “heady,” in that it will take your thoughts in new and different directions, which Indica often won’t do. This is a great choice if you’d like to work on art and crafts while smoking. Many people will use Sativa during the day as it can keep you awake.



Indica plants have evolved to survive harsher environments, they don’t grow as tall and their blooms are more dense. The Indica experience is much more mellow, making it ideal for a nighttime experience. If your in the mood to sink into the couch, watch a movie or listen to some music, you’ll probably want to try an Indica strain. When you’re under the effects of an Indica, you’ll have an increased appetite, this is the ‘munchies,’ so prepare some snacks (or hide them!) 




Hybrids are plants that have both Sativa and Indica proprieties. More often than not, either Sativa or Indica will be more dominant, which will give you a good indicator of what the effects will be. Hybrids are an incredibly popular choice in dispensaries as distributors keep experimenting with new combinations of Sativa and Indica’s. 


If you’re still unsure of what type of marijuana you’d like to try, ask the attendant behind the counter! They almost always have an opinion about the strains available in the store and are always happy to help a customer that has questions!


Want more information on trying cannabis? Check out our blog post from two weeks ago. 


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