My name is Drew Redmond, and I was born into the world of Candy.

As the son of two of the industry’s most successful hard candy confectioners, I was immersed in the world of sugar and sweets from day one. Peppermint starlights here, butterscotch discs there, cotton candy sticks and butter mints galore. Growing up, the offices (and stashes of samples) were literally above my garage. Candy was everywhere, all day, every day. A fact of life. Somehow through it all, I managed to not lose any of my teeth to cavities!

Not only was I surrounded by candy, but the world of business as well. My father started his company with nothing more than a few thousand dollars and a liberal application of elbow grease. A true entrepreneur to his core, and his blood runs through my veins. From a young age my parents ensured that I understood the importance of quality products, customer service, and honest practices, and those lessons have stuck with me my entire life. 

Having been an active participant in the cannabis community for some years, it only made sense that I should combine cannabis with my passion for candy making. Throw in a dash of my parent’s entrepreneurial spirit, and you’ve got the recipe for a cannabis company. So, after several months of half-baked ideas and business plans on bar napkins, I decided that it was high time for me to get myself back home and start the project that would become Sierra High Infusions. I filed for my very first LLC in July 2016, and the rest is history.

Sierra High LLC. 2017